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Alset is the first free mobile app for bartering, favors, and paid goods & services!

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Alset Mobile App

Enabling Communities

Ratings & Reviews

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I've had a great experience using Alset. It's easy to use, the people are great, and you can barter for skills & goods. I've recommended it to all of my friends!

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Great concept for an app. Very easy to create your own niche within the platform due to its open-ended nature

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The app is simple to use. I was able to set up a couple of services. I have traded my service as a yoga instructor for some help with content creation with my Instagram account.

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I was able to hire a Product Designer, Product Manager, Media Strategist, and PR rep through the app to help augment my virtual team. It is easy to connect and start a conversation with other talented folks.

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Before Alset, I couldn't find opportunities in my community to do favors.

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I found the talents and skills listed in the app to launch my website.

It's like Craiglist reinvented for the new economy without the anonymity.

The app is great for side gigs to earn money quickly!

Being able to negotiate prices in the app is genius!



The mission of this app is to create a local community that extends globally by connecting individuals through the beneficial exchange of their gifts, talents and contributions.


To redistribute wealth in the country and globally, help enable people to advance their experience and shift some cultural norms and hopefully transform our current economic system into the next frontier. 


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