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Founder and CEO
Robert Lo is the founder of Alset, the game changing gig economy app where people can barter or charge for their services or offer them as a favor. As a leading thinker in augmenting the fiat currency, re-shifting the way society defines and redefines value, and democratizing work in the
twenty-first century, Robert is the visionary force behind Alset. With a long background with Big 4 and consulting for top tier organizations, Robert currently serves as the Chair of the City of West Hollywood's Business License Commission. He holds a Masters of BusinessAdministration in Finance and a Masters in Organization Development, both from Pepperdine Univer

Senior Developer: Full Stack Engineer

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Product Manager

Ian Tyack is the Product Manager for Alset. He brings with him over fifteen years of experience in the tech industry as a technical product expert and digital media specialist. Ian's past experience includes developing numerous projects for Disney and other Hollywood studios. For Ian, joining the Alset team was an obvious choice as the mission is aligned so closely with his principle of wanting to help others. Originally from the UK, Ian moved to West Hollywood in 2008 for business where he first met Alset's founder, Robert Lo. Ian currently resides in New York City with his husband and their cat.

Media Strategist / Content Developer

RC Diedrich is the Content Strategist for the Alset. Although he originally planned on attending college after high school, he had a late epiphany, and decided that he wanted to take a different path. He traveled around the United States for six months in a self-converted van, exploring and discovering the country. During this trip, he heard about Alset and has been a part of the team ever since. RC creates and manages content in addition to aiding in other campaigns and strategies within the app's marketing team. RC fully believes that Alset and its founding principles have the ability to help change the world.

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Public Relations

Pemberton Fowler LLC's public relations divisions, specializes in communications management and strategy with a focus on reputation and brand management, relationship building, long term strategies for clients, press management, and corporate messaging. With over twelve years of crafting and implementing top-level corporate strategy for media companies, we apply practical skills, creative thinking, and business experience with a successful public relations plan for your company by marrying a new story and clear intention. (

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