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The mission of Alset is to create local community that extends globally by connecting people through the beneficial exchange of their gifts, talents and contributions.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Robert Lo, Alset is an app crafted to redefine local and global value across generations. Alset provides its users with a platform to advance experiences, shift cultural norms, and propel our current economic system into the next frontier.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that community building is paramount to creating an effective and compassionate world. To embody this principle, we've developed a straightforward bartering app, facilitating the easy exchange of goods and services. Through our open-ended platform, individuals can engage in trade, make new connections and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our mission is to make the world a better place by creating beneficial community, and we invite you to join us and participate in building a more equitable and eco-friendly world.


Our vision is to redistribute wealth in the country and globally, help enable people to advance their experience and shift some cultural norms in order to transform our current economic system into the next frontier. 

Meet The Team

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