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5 In-Demand Services You Should Offer: Capitalize on Trending Skills for Career Growth

In today's world, opportunities come and go more quickly than ever. New trends are constantly shaping our world and it is important to be aware of them as you navigate your career. Alset is an app that is dedicated to helping you navigate this space with ease. By offering an open-source platform where users can freely exchange goods and services, Alset opens the doors to endless possibilities in terms of connection, efficiency and community. 

To help our users and anyone else who might be interested in professional growth, we have compiled the top 5 in-demand services that are currently being offered in the app. Consider offering services similar to these ones to respond to trending demands. The Alset Community is all about innovation and efficiency so we encourage our users to take risks and explore new possibilities. Now, here are the top 5 in-demand services being offered in the Alset app …

5. Music

Are you a musician or would like to be? If yes, you can connect with other Alset users to learn new skills, create professional music and anything in between. There are many musicians out there that are looking to work with other musicians so consider offering services as a live performer, recording artist, producer or teacher to grow your network and develop your career.

4. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Are you someone who loves to be around animals? If yes, consider offering a service that revolves around pets. People are regularly looking for people to watch their animals while they travel and you could be the person that fulfills this need. While pet sitting for travel can be somewhat sporadic, you can also offer a more consistent service like dog walking.  Consider offering these types of services to advance your career while capitalizing on your passions.

3. Software Developing and Programming

Are you a software developer or programmer that likes to work with computers? If yes, you can connect with some of the many people that are looking for people that can help turn their ideas into realities. If you are just getting started as a developer, you can offer your services for free to gain experience and build credibility. If your skills are already advanced and polished, you can barter your service in exchange for a service you need or charge an hourly/daily rate for your work. Consider offering your developing services to the Alset Community to build your credibility, connect with the community and engage in mutually beneficial exchanges.

2. Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Are you interested in marketing and optimizing search engine results? If yes, you can connect with companies and individuals in the Alset app that are looking for help with brand visibility and reach. As the internet continues to evolve, there are constantly new ideas to consider and new skills to learn. These aspects of brands are becoming increasingly relevant and so the ability to help in these areas can be very valuable. Consider offering your marketing services to accelerate your professional growth in an ever emerging field.

1. Cleaning/Organizing

Are you someone with strong cleaning abilities? If yes, you can offer your service as a cleaner to grow your clientele and increase your business. Cleaning is typically a regular gig and when organized correctly, can be very profitable and reliable. There are seemingly endless places that need to be cleaned and so the demand for cleaners is very high. Consider offering services like house cleaning or car cleaning to start building your connections and advancing your career.

These are the top five services that you can offer in the Alset app right now. The Alset Community tends to reflect the needs of larger communities and so these services are relevant in most people’s day to day life. That said, Alset offers a unique platform for people that are looking to help meet these needs. You can easily connect with others to exchange goods and services in mutually beneficial ways without paying big fees and facing annoying restrictions. Don’t wait any longer, take the next step in growing your career.

Download the App and Join the Community! See you there!


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