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Breaking from the Pack - A Dog Trainer's Path to Bartering

For Kassidy, an emerging freelance dog trainer based in California, bartering has been opening doors to new opportunities and connections. What started as a need to train her unruly pup has led her to engaging with her community in mutually beneficial ways she had never imagined.

"Bartering has been incredibly positive for me," Kassidy shared. "It creates a different category of wealth by allowing me to trade my skills directly for the things I need."

Believing in the Barter

Like many freelancers, Kassidy initially struggled, and still doesn’t enjoy,  the administrative hassles of running a pay-for-service business. Between marketing, booking clients, and handling back-office tasks, she sometimes finds herself spending more time on "the bullshit" than actually working with dogs.

Recently, bartering has allowed Kassidy to spend less time on the formalities and more time training dogs in exchange for goods and services that she values. 

"I couldn't afford my phenomenal therapist through traditional payment," Kassidy explained. "But now that we exchange services, I have access to professional counseling that reduces my stress and allows me to focus on what is important to me."

Building Compassionate Communities

For Kassidy, bartering represents more than just skilled trade - it's about building compassionate communities from the ground up.

"Bartering is priceless because it goes back to people simply getting what they need," she said. "It's the ultimate middle finger to capitalism and the elite because it connects us with our neighbors in ways that benefit everyone - there’s no middlemen necessary."

Kassidy’s experience with bartering has not only provided her with new opportunities but has also contributed to the growth and development of compassionate communities in her area and on the Alset App.

The Alset App

As the barter movement grows, platforms like Alset are making it easier for freelancers and barter enthusiasts to connect and trade the goods and services that they value. Kassidy is an Alset user and is helping build an effective, efficient community around these concepts. She is currently offering her dog training service and is looking for a tattoo artist and someone to help her with cooking/meal preparation. You can connect with her in the app: Alset

For Kassidy and many others, the barter economy is more than just a career hack - it's a way of life that nurtures compassionate communities and reminds us that true wealth comes from helping one another. In her words, "Bartering allows me to fill the gaps for others in a way money can't. That's priceless."

You can follow Kassidy on Instagram @packdaddy_kass

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