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Five Ways To Make Money From Home

This week, we're sharing some tips with you as to how to make money working from home.

Working from home in the midst of a pandemic for those with comprised immune systems or those simply looking for employment could be a lifesaver, so feel free to share!

  1. Sell your unused or unwanted items. We all have those items in the back of the cupboard, large and small. Books and kitchen gadgets we thought would be useful but we're either done with or never used them. Well, guess what? They have value to the community! List them on Alset, Amazon, or eBay and recoup your cash!

  2. Freelance! The buzzword of the century! Work for anyone and everyone! Alset is here to support you and help you find opportunities to share your skills and expertise. You might also want to check out Upwork, Fiverrr, and Freelancer to maximize your opportunities.

  3. Are you fluent in more than one language? Can you translate? Then check out Gengo and One Hour Translate to see if your linguistic skills can help earn you some cash on the side.

  4. Rent out your car! These days, there are more people than ever looking to borrow a car for a quick errand, that trip to Ikea. You can list your car with Hyre, Get Around, or Turo and get paid for your car when you're not using it! It's like making money in your sleep!

  5. Do you have a unique skill or talent? Then why not get into teaching? You can teach remotely. Perhaps you're an English major or a guitarist. Never underestimate the value of your self-worth, so post your listing today on Alset, or Alternatively, if you're looking for a skill or talent, Alset has you covered with the new "Request" feature allowing you to put your requests out there.



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