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Alset: An Introduction

In a world that seemed to be moving faster than ever, we asked ourselves, “what can we offer people that will help them live more efficient, equitable lives?” The answer to this question came in the form of Alset, the first mobile app that provides its users with a platform for the bartering, favoring and purchasing of goods and services. We wanted to create a space where community could meet efficiency and that is exactly what we have done. So many of the things we purchase come from billion dollar corporations that hold on to their profits without recycling them back into our economy. While these big corporations are increasingly difficult to avoid, Alset offers a refuge from these entities by allowing its users to get what they need from their community, in a sustainable way.

So how does Alset work? Alset users are able to both request and offer goods or services in the app. This allows our community to offer what they have while obtaining what they need. Users can interact using one of three mediums. The first option is to offer a good or service as a Favor. Favors are goods and services that are offered for free, often in exchange for a review. They allow users to build credibility while also developing connections within the community. Favors help users foster beneficial relationships and can lead to new opportunities later on. The second option is to Barter for a good or service. Bartering allows users to trade one good or service for another and is one of the aspects that makes Alset so unique. Away from the fluctuating value of money and corporate monopolies, bartering allows the Alset Community to define value on its own terms. On top of all these beneficial aspects, both bartering and favoring are completely free in the Alset app. The third medium of interaction is to Charge/Pay for a good or service with traditional money. While there are many aspects of our current economic model that are problematic (to say the least), we know that money still plays an important role in our lives. For this reason, Alset charges a flat fee of 50 cents for each paid transaction, leaving more money in the pockets of its users. If an Alset user is looking for something specific, they can always Request the good or service from the community as well.

Though these are the literal ways in which users can interact in the app, Alset fosters community beyond screens. We host community events that give our users the opportunity to network with forward looking people who are looking to create meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships. You can follow the Alset Instagram to stay informed about meetups and other community events. Here’s a link to the instagram: @alset_community

Whether you’re looking to sell some old clothes, buy a new motorcycle or trade one book for another, Alset can help you make it happen. With our community focused on providing for everyone, we are excited to continue growing and hope you will join us on our journey.

See you soon!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through our contact page. Here’s a link to the page: Contact

This post was written by Rc Diedrich. You can contact him at



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