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The Shift: How Alset is Changing Lives

The Alset Community is founded on the idea that human beings are better together. Through compassion and practical efficiency, Alset is offering people an alternative to the current system that puts corporate profits above the well being of its communities and individuals. Instead, the Alset Community values the needs of its members away from the waste and consumerism that dominates our modern world. While shifting away from our current system is beneficial and necessary, the change can be scary. Leaving familiar ways behind can make people feel uncertain and that is normal. Day by day, Alset is growing and as it does, a sense of confidence and reliability is being cultivated. As this continues, more people are seeing the potential for their lives to change and improve. This post highlights a real life example of how people have made the shift to Alset and the benefits that have come with it.

Ian was an Application Engineer with over 15 years of professional experience under his belt. He decided to make a career change into Product Management as he was familiar with the responsibilities after working alongside other product managers during his work as an engineer. When he started looking for jobs, he found that even the entry level Product Manager

positions required 2-3 years of experience. Although he had many of the skills that companies were looking for, other candidates had more experience and hiring managers tend to choose experience first. How was he going to break into this line of work without this experience?

What Ian needed was some real life experience as a Product Manager so

that he could demonstrate his abilities and skills. Through the Alset app, he was able to

offer his Product Management service as a favor. It didn’t take long for a tech company to find him and see the value he had to offer. They decided to bring him onboard to help drive their product forward and offered to pay him for his work. After gaining experience that could be showcased to other potential employers, he applied to a job at NBC Universal and was accepted. Now he chooses to freelance regularly which allows him to pick the projects he wants to work on and set his own rates. Before Alset, Ian was struggling against a system that was never set up for him to win. By joining the Alset community, he was able to bypass many of the obstacles that were preventing him from achieving his career goals.

Taking risks, making changes and leaving things behind can be intimidating. We as human beings often choose what is familiar and comfortable over what is logical and beneficial to ourselves and our communities. We have a tendency to avoid changes that bring uncertainty which regularly prevents us from growing and evolving as a society. As people begin to open their eyes to alternative solutions, it is natural for them to feel uncomfortable with the uncertainty of change and the future. That said, taking the risk and making the change is so important. Each day, Alset is working to build and strengthen its community so that more and more people are willing to take the risk and change their lives for the better. And so each day, Alset is working to make the world a more compassionate, efficient place for all of us.

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